Joe was born in Chicago, in the year of 1961, the second of five children and grew up in Arlington Heights, IL. After high school, with no interest in any more schooling, Joe had no idea what he wanted to do for a living. After a six week stint at a plastic mold shop, he was thankfully let go, due to lack of math skills, and an even bigger lack of milling machine skills. Just by chance soon after, he ansewerd a classified in the paper for a position at a photo lab. Having convinced the owner of his knowledge from a high school graphic arts class (slightly embellished) Joe began his career in the field.
After seeing many sub par photographers come through the lab, he decided to try it himself. After many, many, many books from the library later, and lots of wasted film, he grasped a basic knowledge of camera and lighting control and began to gather a few clients. In 1983, Joe married his high school sweetheart, Nancy.
In 1987, Joe started his own photo studio in Itasca, IL and the ball was rolling. Through the years he has had studios in Elk Grove, Palatine and Arlington Heights as well. In 1989, Joe and Nancy had a boy named Andrew and then another little fella, Jimmy in 1991. They now live in Lake in the Hills.
It has now been over twenty five years shooting and things are going well, thanks to many loyal clients in the commercial advertising world.